book five : Me Before You by JoJo Moyes, (spoiler free)



Book Title: Me Before You
Author: JoJo Moyes
Series:  Me Before You #1
Genres: Romance, Adult, Realistic Fiction

I read this in eBook format.

Where do I begin with Me Before You?
Well, I decided to read this after seeing the trailer for the upcoming film adaption and wanting to read the book itself before seeing the movie.
Now, I have seen a lot of negativity surrounding the plot of this book and the ending, but I can honestly say that I loved this book.
Louisa Clarke is a young girl, living in a small English town. With a loving family, a long term boyfriend and a job she adores, everything is perfect for Lou. That is, until she is told she is losing her job due to shop closure. After many trials in workplaces that are just not for her, Lou will pretty much do any job that comes her way to simply get some money.
Hello, opportunity! Will Traynor wheels his way into her life and she is offered a job as his care giver.
Will is a paraplegic after a road accident and he is rapidly losing all positivity.
Can Lou and Will change each other’s lives for the better?
What I loved? I loved that this was very much a romance book but not once did I roll my eyes at smushy comments or awkward kissing scenes, described with even more awkward sentences. The book was the stunning story of a growing friendship and it was truly heartwarming to read all the snide, sarcastic, yet loving comments between the two main characters.
A stunning, heart-wrenching read that had me thinking about it for days afterwards.
I’d give this book a 4 out 5 stars.

7 thoughts on “book five : Me Before You by JoJo Moyes, (spoiler free)

  1. I just finished Me Before You last week and had mixed feelings. I really like Lou, the character. Excellently developed throughout the book. I didn’t like the predictability and at times, their relationship seemed to be written poorly – I just felt like there could be so much more there, but it wasn’t written. On the up side, I will be reading the sequel. I also really liked the character of Will’s mom. I wouldn’t mind a whole book on just her perspective of her son’s situation. What did you think of Will’s parents?


    1. I liked Will’s parents as individuals. I can understand that they fell apart and that their relationship would suffer, but I thought it was kind of sad that that happened. The fact Will’s Father had an affair made me upset but Will’s Mother was so cold so I also understand it. Did you like them? I’m undecided on whether I’d like to read the sequel, I may have a look at some reviews before making my decision. You’ll have to let me know if you enjoyed it!


      1. I empathized with both of them. I liked them even though I didn’t want to. I would’ve liked more chapters written from their perspectives. I’d also like to know more context about their individual relationships with Will before his accident.


  2. I saw this post in related posts, and I saw “Me before you” I skimmed through and jumped to the comments. I looove that book. I definitely didn’t like the ending, because well, you know why. It was so realistic, not the usual thing you see in print, but “After You”, the prequel, totally makes up for it.


      1. At the beginning you’ll probably be like *whats all these? I miss Will. Bring him back, at least that’s how I was, but I got into the book later on, and actually enjoyed it.


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