book three : Play Dead by Angela Marsons

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Book Title: Play Dead
Author: Angela Marsons
Series:  D.I Kim Stone #4
Genres: Psychological Thriller, Suspense, Mystery, Crime Fiction, Horror


I read this in eBook format.

As a huge fan of Angela’s previous installments in the D.I Kim Stone series, I was extremely excited to be on the long car journey home from North Devon and see an announcement on Twitter of a fourth book to be released in the series.
Without even reading the plot, I had pre-ordered it. I knew it would fantastic. I didn’t need to be convinced by fancy words to make me want to read it. I was already sold.
Skip forward a few months and the book was released, exclusively, onto and you could put in a request with the publishers to read it first.
Did I hesitate?
Play Dead is fantastic. It is a thrill ride of emotions, a heart pounding experience and I could not put it down.
I began it in the morning, when I finally had the day to myself. I dedicated my day to completing this book. I read all day. I had to be up at 6am for an operation the next morning, but did this stop me?
I completed this book at 2.15am.
It’s one of those stories where you stare at the thank you letter from Angela at the end and scold yourself for needing to know the answers and completing the book so quickly.
You ask yourself, why did I rush through this book?!
Why didn’t I stick it out longer?!
And the answer is, I simply couldn’t.
I needed to reach the conclusion. It was all I could think about! Were my theories correct? Were the characters I’d grown to love okay? Would I love or hate new characters?
This book will give you all the emotions.
You’ll cry. You’ll gasp. You’ll chunter under your breath. You will love it.
I keep my fingers, and toes, crossed that Angela will bless us with more stories from Kim.

* I received my copy via NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.


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