non fiction one : Real Crime Magazine


I began collecting Real Crime Magazine monthly after seeing good things about it on Twitter. My collection began with the Madeline McCann issue (number 9) and I collected the magazine from then on, as well as using eBay to collect some older issues that I had missed.
Real Crime is a monthly magazine consisting of 100 pages that focuses on world crime, including murders, gangs, heists and kidnappings, among many other criminal acts.
I honestly, and truly, love this magazine because at £3.99 per month, there is a lot of information inside each issue, it is easy to read and very interesting. I often find myself reading extracts out to my family in astonishment, before being told by my Mom that she really doesn’t want to hear anymore, or being told by my Dad to stop as he wants to read it for himself.
When it comes to non fiction books and magazines, others cram a lot of information in and it becomes difficult not only to read but to stay interested sometimes.
 Real Crime has a fantastic mix of images, diagrams, break downs and the information is split into small, readable chunks of devilish detail that has me turning each page for more.
With stories I am aware of, as well as some I haven’t seen before, Real Crime is the gift that keeps on giving, a real treat for those who are interested in crime, like myself.
Real Crime is available from most supermarkets but also on subscription from the publishing website, found here,
I’d give this magazine a strong 5 out of 5 stars.

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