author Q&A – Angela Marsons

unnamed-2 I remember when I first read about Silent Scream by crime and mystery/thriller writer, Angela Marsons. I was sucked in by the plot outline and I was so excited to read it. Imagine my surprise to see that, not only was it set in my hometown, but the author was also from there too.

I finished Silent Scream in a single day and quickly got online to purchase the other two books in the series and leave feedback with Angela herself through Twitter.

As you can probably tell from my Twitter account and my blog, I am a huge fan of Angela’s work and I am quick to praise her and recommend her novels to anyone, whether they ask for my recommendations or not. This includes my family. My Mom is now a huge fan, as is my Auntie, who was extremely jealous when I told her I’d read the latest Kim Stone novel, Play Dead, a month early thanks to the fantastic publishers Bookouture and NetGalley.

I’ve had many conversations with Angela through Twitter, I’ve waited patiently for new book news, I’ve even given her book ideas! (Trust me when I say I have many ideas for crime and mystery novels but I could never actually write one)

I cheekily asked Angela if she’d be kind enough to participate in a Q&A for my blog and much to my excitement, she accepted!

1. Which book do you wish you had written and why?

I wish I had written Disclosure by Michael Crichton. It is my favourite book of all time and the only book that ever caused me to call in sick for work as I simply could not put it down. His skill in posing questions that I just had to have answered was a revelation to me.  I actually re-read the book to see how he had done it.

2. If you could describe the Kim Stone book #5 you’re currently writing in 5 words, what would they be?

Oooh good question – I’d say Thrilling, Twisty, Emotional, Exciting and Safisfying.

3. Do you have any superstitions before writing a new book? Such as sharpened pencils? Fresh notebooks? A lucky pair of underwear?!

I always start a new book with a new box of Bic pencils and A4 notepads.  There is nothing like buying these things knowing that it is all to start a brand new book from scratch.

4. If you had to move the Kim Stone series away from the Black Country and to a new place, where would you pick?

It would have to be somewhere dark and gritty that suited Kim’s personality.  She is suited to an industrial, troubled area. I don’t think she’d work well in The Cotswolds even though it’s an area I particularly love.  I’d probably send her to an old northern mining town.

5. And finally, a question about you, I personally think it says a lot about a person, what would be your ‘Death Row’ final meal?

My last meal would be chicken and sweetcorn pizza and chips (forget the diet). However, I must say that I do enjoy warmed up pizza the day after which may pose a bit of a problem if I’m on Death Row!!

Many thanks to Angie for agreeing to answer my questions, she will forever be one of my all time favourite authors and it’s so refreshing to have someone as lovely as you’d imagined them to be, despite all the murderous acts she commits… in her books!

Angela’s books can be found on Amazon 

Angela’s Twitter 

Angela’s website 

Angela’s publishers, Bookouture Twitter

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