book twenty-three : The Making of a Small-Town Beauty King by Savy Leiser


Book Title: The Making of a Small – Town Beauty King
Author: Savy Leiser
Series: None
Genres: Young Adult, YA, Coming-of-Age

I read this in eBook format.

The Making of a Small – Town Beauty King by Savy Leiser is a stunning look into the life of a young boy.

When the author contacted me to ask if I’d like to review her debut novel, I read the plot line on Amazon and I jumped at the chance. I must also say the front cover is simple yet beautiful too. Very nice.

Jackie is living in a small town, working for his Dad, getting on with the life and normal struggles of being a teenage boy. So, of course, he decides he wants to be the town’s Beauty King after hearing that college’s want something that make him stand out from everyone else. With fierce competition and sabotage, Jackie’s task will not be an easy one.

This book is so refreshing!!!!!

It’s themes, it’s characters, it’s story behind the story.

There is a real coming-of-age theme throughout where Jackie learns to love himself, make himself proud and be who he wants to be which is something so admirable in the tale of a teenage boy.

Not only that but there is lighthearted humor too, which was just so lovely to read.

It was quirky, it was fun and it will be loved by all who read it.

I am well and truly a Savy Leiser fan.

The Makings of a Small-town Beauty King can be purchased here

Savy Leiser can be found here

Please read this, you won’t be disappointed.

I give this book a 4 out of 5 stars.

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