book twenty-four : Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin


Book Title: Something Borrowed
Author: Emily Giffin
Series: Darcy & Rachel #1
Genres: Chick-Lit, Romance, Fiction, Contemporary

I read this in book format.

Something Borrowed is another book to movie adaption that I was keen to watch so I decided to read the book before watching the film.

It is the story of Rachel and Darcy, childhood best friends. Rachel is quiet, reserved and very career minded. Darcy is a party girl. After her 30th birthday party, Rachel sleeps with Darcy’s fiance, Dex. It was a mistake, right? There were no old feelings involved, right? Wrong.

I read this book on holiday (vacation for you Americans!) and I was surprised how quickly I flew through it, no airplane required!

It was a wonderful read about how a friendship that has lasted years has the devastating possibility of being dashed in an instant.

The two characters are so admirably different, Rachel is simple, Darcy is complicated. Rachel is quiet, Darcy is loud. Rachel likes books, Darcy likes tequila.

I haven’t read the sequel, Something Blue, because to me, this book finished perfectly. Have you read both? Would you recommend I read it?

This book is a reminder that friendships and love should be on different spectrum’s but both are never easy.

I give this novel a 3 out of 5 stars.

6 thoughts on “book twenty-four : Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin

  1. I’ve read both, and while Something Blue was good, it just wasn’t necessary to add on. It just expands the universe a little bit. Also I didn’t know this was a movie until just now!


    1. Oh, really? I’m always slightly disappointed when a sequel isn’t necessary to an already good book. The movie is incredible, I loved it. The casting of Ginnifer Goodwin as Rachel and Kate Hudson as Darcy is wonderful. Let me know if you watch it!


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