Today is my birthday!

So, now I’ve hit the grand old age of 22!


I ate cake, I made and drank cocktails, I ate pizza, I had a nap and I read books. Not all at the same time.

Hello, perfect day.

Here are a few photos from my day, including my dog in the background, trying to get some cake!

Β CoZIdqJW8AQafr8.jpgCoZIdqFXgAAIK5x.jpg

I’ve had such a lovely, lovely day and I want to thank everyone for my lovely cards and messages. I’m feeling very loved today.

I’ve also just hit 50 followers! Ah!!! So happy given that I’ve only had my blog for three weeks. I think that’s pretty good, huh? Maybe I’m doing something right. I was very close to writing write there instead of right because I write this blog and… You get it. I’ll stop.

Here’s to many more blog posts and years of me getting older… *raises gin to you all*

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