book thirty-five + author Q&A : Dead Pretty by David Mark


Book Title: Dead Pretty
Author: David Mark
Series: DS Aector McAvoy #5
Genres: Mystery, Crime, Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

I read this in book format.

I requested Dead Pretty from BookBridgr because of the striking cover.

I was approached by the lovely Kerry who asked me if I’d do a Q&A with author David Mark alongside my review. I gladly accepted.

Dead Pretty is the fifth installment of the DS Aector McAvoy series. It follows Aector as he searches for a missing girl and tries to avenge the death of another. But the results aren’t easy to achieve as evil people choose their own justice methods.

This book is a fantastically dark read that kept my attention throughout. Although it is part of a series, you won’t be confused as the story line flows.

The story has multiple strands to it and follows more than one investigation as the book progresses.

The relationships are strong and admirable and the plot is intriguing and strong.

I really enjoyed this. I do hope there will be another excellent read to come!

I give this book a strong 4 out of 5 stars.

I sent my questions to David through Kerry and his answers are incredible funny.

1. Which famous book do you wish you had written and why?david-mark-ca-r-t-e-a-s-t__main.jpg

It’s difficult to find that perfect mix of marketability and artistic merit. For financial reasons I’d be glad to have written any of the great commercial juggernauts but then there is a part of me that would forego all that to have crafted something immaculate and beautiful. So, given all that, I’d be proud to have written Birdsong by Sebastian Faulks, because it sold rather well but is also the perfect novel and skewers what it is to be a human being on this peculiar planet so perfectly that everybody else may as well stop trying.

2. Do you have any superstitions before writing a new book? Such as sharpened pencils? Fresh notebooks? A lucky pair of underwear?!

I think a lot of authors take great comfort in faffing about with this sort of stuff but because I was a journalist for so long and was always up against a deadline, I just get on with it. If I had lucky underwear I wouldn’t waste it on writing!

3. Where do you pluck inspiration for your stories? The news? True events?

The whole world is my own private noticeboard of inspiration. I genuinely don’t connect very well with reality and largely use everything I see, do and experience as material for a book or a poem or a play or something creative. People will tell you this suggests some degree of control-freakery and narcissism in my personality, but I will kill these people in my next book. I just have a good imagination, I suppose. I see an interesting looking person and imagine their life. Or I hear some debate on Radio 4 and wonder whether people would kill over the s
ubject matter. It just evolves. It’s like writing a song. You pick the notes that sound right.

4. What is the usual process of writing a new book?

Usually, the idea will have been rolling around in my head for months, taking shape. You know when you’re building a snowman and you start off with one handful of packed snow and you roll it up and down the garden until it becomes something substantial? That’s usually what I’m doing in the background while attempting to function as a human being. So by the time I sit down to write it, I know what happens. Then I put 25 chapter headings and a little note to remind myself what happens in each – and then get on with it. 100,000 words later, it’s a book.

5. And finally, a question about you, I personally think it says a lot about a person, what would be your ‘Death Row’ final meal?

I personally think it says a lot about your twisted mind that you would even ask this question, but I like it. My impulse is to ask for something comforting, but what comfort can you have before you’re about to take your leap into the void? So I’d probably have something that would make me grateful that life was about to end. Some form of vegetarian lasagne or something made of Quorn and quinoa. I’d whistle all the way to the gallows.

Huge thank you to Kerry and David for this opportunity.

Dead Pretty is out TOMORROW (August 11th 2016) and can be purchased here.

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