food three : Prestat Gin Truffles

CqOM5-4WEAAX5wP.jpgBrand : Prestat
Price : £13 for a box
Availability : 
Ingredients : A dark chocolate ganache is flavoured with gin and infused with lemon and juniper berries before being enrobed in creamy white chocolate. The secret ingredient is the fizz!
Website :

I approached the lovely folks at Prestat and asked if they’d send me a box of their London Gin Truffles to try. They kindly accepted.

The packaging is gorgeous, with many bright colours of tissue paper used. I’m a sucker for lovely packaging!CqOM5-4WYAAawmH.jpg

The scent of lemon is very strong when you open the box, which is always a good sign.

My Mom isn’t a gin fan so was very hesitant to try these but when she did, she was pleasantly surprised.

The tastes of lemon and gin were both very evident and the secret fizz ingredient was welcomed. It felt like we were tasting one of Willy Wonka’s great chocolates.

They were delicious, the crunch of the coating added something extra and they are extremely moreish.

Usually, one is enough but these are so nice, you’re left wanting more and more.

You can tell that they’re slightly more expensive than your regular truffle but you don’t mind paying more when the quality and taste is this good.

The taste says it all, you will not be disappointed.

They’re perfect for Christmas and brithdays, anniversaries or ‘just because’…

A fantastic product that you should try.

I am very intrigued to try their other flavours.

I give this product a 5 out of 5 stars.



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