gin two : Foxdenton Estate Rhubarb Gin


Name: Foxdenton Rhubarb
Type : Flavoured
Price : £13.50 (35cl) £23.50 (70cl)
Availability : 
Website :

I asked the lovely people at Foxdenton Estate to send me one of their many flavoured gins. I was intrigued and curious so when they kindly said yes, I was overjoyed!

I was sent the Rhubarb flavour.

Here is an overview straight from the website;

Compounded the old fashioned way – the way you probably make Sloe Gin at home- by steeping diced rhubarb in London Dry Gin. We added sugar at the end of the process as I wanted to keep the tartness and sweetness nicely balance. We are still trying out different mixes but so far I have consumed rather a lot neat. It is such a summery flavour. 

I drank this both neat with some ice and with a tonic, and I was glad to taste the rhubarb straight away in both. I didn’t have to wait for the taste to kick in, neither did I struggle to find hints. It was a very strong but not too overwhelming.

I think that this gin is well made by a great family distillery and though the gin and tonic was nice, I preferred the taste of the straight Rhubarb drink.

Why mix something in to an already great taste?

I’m excited to try the other flavours one day!

I give this gin a 4 out of 5 stars.

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