gin four : Pothecary Gin

Pothecary Gin
Type : Dorset
Price : Between £39 – £40 (70cl)
Availability :
Ingredients : Provencal lavender, Anatolian mulberies, tilia folowers, juniper and lemon.
Awards :  Silver Outstanding in the Gin category and Silver in the Gin and Tonic group, Double Gold at this year’s San Francisco World Spirit Competition, Gold at the China Wine & Spirits Awards.
Website :

I approached the lovely folks at Pothecary Gin with an interest in working together as I’d heard so many wonderful things about this gin. As a winner of 3 prestigious awards, I knew there must be something to love about this drink.

The packaging is simply stunning, the simple turquoise background with gold writing is eye catching and has a vintage feel to it. I am a sucker for vintage!

Upon opening the bottle, the strong lavender smell was evident. It took me back to the time I found a bottle of lavender pillow spray at my Nan’s house when I was a child and being the curious, inquisitive, ‘old for my age’ person I am, I sprayed the heck out of the pillow to feel grown up and fancy.

I tried this drink with my Mum and where she wasn’t keen on the taste, I thought it was different.

I imagine this would be a perfect drink to sip in the garden on a warm Summer’s evening.

Pothecary Gin is an acquired taste but it is lovely all the same.

I give this a 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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