gin seven : Persie Citrus Gin

image1 (1).JPG

Name: Persie
Type: Flavoured
Price : £28.29 (50cl)
Availability :
Ingredients : Juniper, limes and oranges.
Website :

I asked the lovely folks at Persie to send me a bottle of their gin to try and review and they kindly said yes.

They sent over three samples of their gins in three different flavours, Zesty Citrus, Sweet & Nutty and Herby & Aromatic Old Tom gin.

I tried the Zesty Citrus flavour on it’s own with ice and goodness me, it was good.

It was strong flavoured, even from the smell, you knew it was citrus. It was warming and you felt the warmth as it went down your throat.

I know that this gin would be a perfect spin on a G & T. I really, really liked it.

Also a fabulous taste on it’s own that didn’t have me reacting the way babies do when they try a lemon for the first time!

If you like lemons, limes and all things citrus, you’ll like this. I can see me getting this out for Summer BBQ’s and chilled out sunny evenings.

I give it a strong 5 out of 5 stars.

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