gin six : Hendrick’s Gin


Hendrick’s Gin
Price : £29.95 (70cl)
Availability :
Ingredients : Flowers, roots, fruits, and seeds, taste of rose petals and cucumber.
Website :

I asked the lovely folks at Hendrick’s to send me a bottle of their gin to try and review and they kindly said yes.

I was instructed to try this gin with cucumber, instead of lime or lemon as it would bring out the infused tastes of the rose petals and cucumber inside it. Boy, oh boy. This is a wonderful gin.

The bottle and design really caught my attention. With a vintage feel, of which I am a sucker for, even the website is stunning. I love the whole feel of this gin. I want to feel like I’m in a different century, sitting, sipping my gin with my beautiful dress, trying to breathe in my corset and when I closed my eyes, I was there.

Is that weird?

Either way, this gin is great, it’s a different take on the usual gin recipe and for that, it’s made it’s way, quickly, into my favourites.

I give it a strong 5 out of 5 stars. I really, really loved it.

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