blog tour five :Margaritas & Murder by CeCe Osgood


Book Title: Margaritas & Murder
Author: CeCe Osgood
Series: Sunny Truly Mystery #1
Genres: Mystery, YA, Fiction, Chick Lit

I read this in eBook format.

I approached the lovely Aimee from HelloChickLit to be part of the blog tour for Margaritas & Murder by CeCe Osgood.

The story is about Sunny, a private investigator living in Texas. She is hired to prove someone innocent when a body is found dangling from a tree. From going undercover, to finding juicy information, Sunny puts her own life in danger to get answers.

This story was incredibly funny.

As someone who is used to the dark stories of murder, it was a refreshing change to read something lighthearted with a dark side too.

Sunny is a lovable main character that you almost envy, despite her stressful job.

With many lovable characters and interesting moments, I am so glad this is only the first in the Sunny Truly series. I can’t wait to read more!

I was lucky enough to ask the incredible author, CeCe, some questions of my own….

  1. Which famous book do you wish you had written and why?

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. I think of it as the first chick lit novel. I know it is sometimes tagged as a family drama, but to me the gist of the main story involves one character, the tomboy Jo March, who longs to be a writer, not at all a traditional wife—which was amazingly revolutionary for that time. The book was published in 1868.

Jo’s quest to be a writer is her passion, which I relate to, and although there is a romance, the usual romantic formula is subverted when she rejects the handsome, rich guy and instead chooses a man who treats her more as an intellectual equal.

Plus, this book’s popularity opened a fresh category in publishing: the girl’s story. Boys had adventure stories, but girls, I believe, had not stories or books speaking to them.

  1. Do you have any superstitions before writing a new book? Such as sharpened pencils? Fresh notebooks? A lucky pair of underwear?

Not really. I just let my crazy mind loose, and then I try to make sense of it, which takes months, many months. I’m a pantser, but I’m focusing on outlining more to sharpen my skills and write faster.

  1. Where do you pluck inspiration for your stories? The news? True events?

I’m not sure what inspires me, other than creating the main character and seeing how that character handles a certain situation. As I write, I work on the plot chronologically and seldom jump ahead during the first draft. I try to stay with the timeline, and then later in the editing stage, I may work on different scenes or change them or reorder them.

  1. What is the usual process of writing a new book?

I get titles. I’m not sure why. They just pop into my head. Then I try to visualize the protagonist and her occupation and fill in the other areas of her life: family, friends, significant other or not.

Writing a mystery has certain requirements, so that means figuring out the victim, the crime, the real culprit, and all the other suspects. For this series, I keep a notebook on the characters including the physical being, mental/emotional type, work, love, pets, family, car, residence,  etc. and, of course, motive for behavior.

  1. And finally, a question about you, I personally think it says a lot about a person, what would be your ‘Death Row’ final meal?

Having grown up on Tex-Mex and Caribbean food, I’d have to start with a really good margarita (or three—it is after all Death Row), and then nachos with extra-sharp cheese, steak and chicken fajitas with grilled onions and tomatoes wrapped in piping hot homemade corn tortillas, fried ripe plantains, a shrimp and spinach salad (I actually do love spinach) and for dessert, chocolate pecan pie with vanilla bean ice cream. (Normally, I would follow that with a digestive enzyme, but since it’s Death Row…nope. Just another margarita!)

A huge thanks to both Aimee and CeCe for this opportunity and a huge congratulations to CeCe for this great book. Can’t wait to read more from you!

I give this book a strong 4 out of 5 stars!

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