food four : Gin Baker Macarons


Type: Dark chocolate and gin macarons
Ingredients : Dark chocolate ganache is flavoured with Pothecary gin 
Website :

I approached the lovely Liam from The Gin Baker blog and asked if he’d be kind enough to send me a few of his creations to sample. I didn’t care which, I just wanted to try anything! A GIN BAKER! Yes, I know. Heart flutters. He kindly accepted.

Liam sent me lavender and chocolate gin flavoured macarons.

I was beyond excited. I had never tried macarons before and the fact gin was one of the key ingredients, I was ecstatic.

Liam’s creations are incredible. They’re moreish, tasty and I am going to CrrywgIWYAAbn6n.jpgsay it, they’re perfect.

You’d think he sold his delicious cakes and sweet treats but no, he just enjoys them himself!

He does run a blog that includes recipes for everyone to try themselves so you really should give them a try if you have a sweet tooth like myself.

I opened the parcel when they arrived and immediately tucked in with a cup of tea, I know how British of me.

I stopped myself from eating them all and popped the others in the fridge, under Liam’s recommendation.

My Dad is very traditional when it comes to sweet treats. He likes biscuits with his cup of tea and that’s about it. Until he tried these. That’s a sign of something really, really good.

Forget the Queen.

This has my Dad’s stamp of approval.

You can find Liam’s great recipes on his website!

I myself will try to attempt some, but will they ever match up to being made by the master himself? Probably not.

I’m very intrigued by his gin shortbread and jaffa cakes!!!

I give these a STRONG 5 out of 5 stars.

Thanks, Liam for letting me try your beautiful creations!

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