blog tour seven : Only Daughter by Anna Snoekstra


Book Title: Only Daughter
Author: Anna Snoekstra
Series: None
Genres: Mystery, Thriller, Fiction, Suspense

I read this in book format.

I was approached by the lovely Cara from HQ Stories to take part in the blog tour for Only Daughter by Anna Snoekstra. I excitedly accepted.

Even reading the blurb of this book, I knew this would be a special story that would stick in my mind for a while.

Rebecca was a normal, teenage girl. She did what all young girls did during the Summer. Worked to earn money, spent time with her best friend, laughed in the sunshine. But young girls don’t just go missing. Rebecca did. Years later, a woman comes forward claiming to be the missing girl and begins to live her life. Until she learns that what happened wasn’t a mystery and she is in a lot of danger.

This story had me hooked from the first sentence. I was hooked, grabbed and drawn in. I was held hostage by this book.

It was always on my mind.

I’d be thinking about it when I wasn’t reading it, I’d be wishing I was reading it.

It was an incredible read that I wish I hadn’t rushed through but I had to. I had to know the ending.

I raised my hand to my mouth in shock multiple times and I was so taken in by this story and it’s characters. This story and it’s twist was one I did not see coming. I was flabbergasted, completely and utterly.

I loved the chapter changes where one minute you’d be reading about Bec and her life at the time she went missing. Then you’d be reading as the woman who had replaced her, in current time.  It was insanely clever and the narrative flowed so well.

I started reading this at midnight and when I looked at the clock, it was after 2am. Time had literally flown by but I was so consumed by this story, I had not even noticed.

It was thrilling and full of suspense and if, like me, you thrive on the feelings of needing answers, you will love this book.

It’s extremely deserving of the 4.5 stars out of 5 that I am giving it.

Incredible. Truly, utterly incredible.

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