gin twelve : Bath Gin


Name: Bath Gin
Price : £36.50 (70cl)
Availability :
Ingredients : Juniper, Cassia, Lemon Peel, Burnt Orange Peel, Liquorice, Cardamon, Angelica and Cubeb Berries with two further and unusual additions, wormwood and Kaffir lime leaf.

I asked the lovely folks at Bath Gin Company to send me a bottle of their gin to try and review and they kindly said yes.

I love the design of this bottle. It makes me smile with the winking lady on the front because she is me when I drink gin….

This gin is light, fresh and lovely. I can most definitely taste the citrus aspects of the botanicals and I am pleased to report that it works extremely well in cocktails.

I really enjoyed this gin.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars!


2 thoughts on “gin twelve : Bath Gin

  1. I’m surprised you gave 4 for this one. Personally I feel it lacks of some juniper punch 👊 Btw check On the Sauce Again for a chance to win a bottle of Malfy Gin – I noticed you liked it 👍


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