blog tour ten :Searching For a Silver Lining by Miranda Dickinson


Book Title: Searching For A Silver Lining
Author: Miranda Dickinson
Series: None
Genres: Chick Lit, Fiction
Publisher: Pan

I read this in book format.

I was sent a copy of Searching For A Silver Lining in return for an honest review.

Searching For A Silver Lining is the story of Matilda. Matilda is left heartbroken when she falls out with her beloved Grandfather, just before his death. Matilda, full of regret and grief, befriends an older lady called Reenie and they embark on a journey to make amends.

When I first read the plot line of this novel, I was struck by it. As someone whose Grandad was their best friend, the thought of falling out with him before he died made me sad so I knew I would have to read this story.

And I loved it.

I truly felt for each character and I loved the way the story progressed.

It was a stunning and captivating read that I will be passing on to my Mum because I know she will love it.

I am also excited to say that I have been given extremely exclusive content from the wonderful author, Miranda herself!

Searching for a Silver Lining Locations – #1: The Palm Grove
The story at the heart of Searching for a Silver Lining revolves around a gig that never happened. Once-famous 1950s singing group, The Silver Five, were booked to play at the Palm Grove, Soho’s most happening music venue – the biggest gig of their lives. The Palm Grove was lavish, attracted all the brightest and biggest music stars of the day and was the place to play if you wanted to make your name.
But on the night of the concert in 1956, the group split before they could perform. Sixty years later, vintage shop owner Mattie Bell meets Reenie Silver, the group’s lead singer, and agrees to help her reunite The Silver Five one last time…
I wanted the Palm Grove nightclub (now Kendrick’s Comedy Club, owned by Gil and Colm Kendrick, grandsons of the venue’s founder Jacob) to become a character in its own right throughout the book. We see it both as it is now and as it once was through Reenie’s reminiscences and a diary Mattie’s late grandfather kept.
The club represents hopes and dreams, both in the 1950s stories that weave through the book and through the eyes of Mattie, Reenie and Gil as they try to put on the gig that never happened, sixty years after its original date. I loved researching the history of British rock’n’roll music, which dominated the charts before American stars like Bill Haley and His Comets, Buddy Holly, Connie Francis and Elvis stormed in.
During the early 1950s Soho in London became the place to find new music talent as a generation of young people began to identify themselves as teenagers and the music industry exploded. Nightclubs like The Palm Grove, that during the 1930s and 1940s had featured big bands, now jostled to book the new kids on the block – singers like Marty Wilde, Adam Faith, Lonnie Donegan and Tommy Steele and His Steelmen. The chance to show a building in two moments in time was so much fun and I hope that when you read the story you feel the magic of the Palm Grove, too!
Thanks so much for reading this blog exclusive! For more, follow my Searching for a Silver Lining blog tour. I really hope you enjoy reading the story!

A huge thank you to Miranda for giving us a fantastic and rare insight into her book and sharing huge writing secrets with us!

If, on these bitterly cold Autumn/Winter evenings you want some warmth, then pick up a copy of Searching For A Silver Lining. You won’t regret it.

I give this book a strong 5 out of 5 stars.

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