other five : Ruby & Tango Candles


What?: Candles
Who?: Ruby & Tango
Where?: Winslow, England
Ships?: Worldwide
Materials: Hydrogenated vegetable oils and highly refined paraffin waxes
Website: https://www.rubyandtango.co.uk/

I approached the lovely Nicola from Ruby and Tango Candles and asked if she’d be kind enough to send me one of her candles to blog about. She kindly accepted and sent me not one but FOUR candles!

There are four fragrances that Ruby & Tango create.

Fairy Dust – A stunning powdery soft floral fragrance. With as secret ingredient!

Rocksalt and Driftwood – A marine scent with notes of seaweed and livened by a fresh coastal breeze with touches of cyclamen and water lily. 11207346_1098227933625232_6078630756325938638_n.jpg

Twilight Blush – Grapefruit and lemon leading a floral, dewy rose and watery jasmine with notes of creamy coconut and peach with a base of smooth amber.

And my personal favourite,

Paradise Beach – Fresh bergamot, bright orange and rich amber with warming notes of exotic coconut, vanilla and almond.

You order your candle based on the design of the jar it is housed in. Each design is cheeky, which I love.

I chose Gin Made Me Do It, Chin Up Buttercup, Good Things Are Coming and There Is No Problem That Six Glasses of Wine Can’t Fix.

Then, you choose the fragrance for your candle in a drop-down box beside it.

I love every single fragrance that Ruby & Tango create. They’re so fresh and wonderful. The Fairy Dust had me stumped. I knew I recognised the smell and I knew I loved it but I couldn’t figure out why it took me back to my childhood. Then it hit me. It reminded me of the Turkish Delights that only myself and my Nan liked so we would scoff the lot to ourselves!

I think these candles are fantastically unique and the designs and words used are funny and cheeky. You wouldn’t see these in a high street shop which makes them even more fabulous.

To me, they are the perfect gift for a best friend or someone you can mock or be sarcastic with without offending them.

Ruby & Tango also create cheeky greeting cards so this really is your one stop shop for a cheeky, tongue in cheek gift idea.

I give these a very strong 5 out of 5 stars.

A huge thank you to Nicola for sending these my way. They really are wonderful.

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