other four : Two For Joy Illustration


What?: Illustrated products, including mirrors, cards, pillows, etc
Who?: Two For Joy Illustration
Where?: Felixstowe, England
Ships?: Worldwide
Website: http://www.uktwoforjoy.etsy.com/

I approached the lovely and talented Louise from Two For Joy Illustration and asked if she’d be kind enough to send me a few of her creations. I didn’t care which, I just wanted to try anything! She kindly accepted and sent me a wonderful, personalised pocket mirror and a lovely card.

I love the style that Two For Joy has. The design’s are cute and sweet and are right down my street. Hello, I am also a poet, apparently.

My cute pocket mirror is very me. Each person I have shown it off to have said the same thing, that it is true. So, if you have a fellow gin lover in your life, this would be a fabulous stocking filler for them as we approach the festive season.

The card is so sweet and very me as well, now I just have to find someone that I love more than books to give it to…. I may struggle.

With plenty of beautiful and unique designs and products on her Etsy page, Louise has a lot of talent with the items she makes. To me, they are personal and if I received any of her wonderful work as a gift, I would know that the person really does know me well.

Now, I just need to hint at my parents to buy me one of the BEAUTIFUL cushions for my study. Hint, hint. Nudge, nudge. I know you’re reading this, Mom.

I give this entire shop a strong 5 out of 5.

Thank you so much to Louise for her kindness and sending these lovely items my way.

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