other three : Illuminati Waxworks


What?: Candles
Who?: Illuminati Waxworks
Where?: California, USA
Ships?: Worldwide
Type?: Soy
Materials: wax, soy, vegan, fragrances
Vegan?: Yes

Website: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/IlluminatiWaxworks

I approached the lovely Matthew from Illuminati Waxworks and asked if he’d be kind enough to send me a candle from the wonderful collection. He kindly accepted and sent me Library.

Library has fragrances of sandalwood, tobacco and leather.

I absolutely adore this candle.

You light it and you can immediately smell the fragrance in the room and when you put it out, leave the room and come back, the smell is still in the air, which is very rare. Hey, look. I am a poet!

My Mom is extremely picky when it comes to candles. It can’t be too sweet, too flowery, too sickly. But she loves this one.

The packaging is simply stunning and I love the use of black and gold together.

I am extremely impressed with this candle and if you, like me, like to sit with a candle burning, a blanket across your lap and a snoring dog beside you as you get transported to new places via a book, these candles will do that for you.

Thank you so much to Matthew for sending a candle all this way for me to review. You have earned the Gin, Books & Blankets seal of approval.

I give it a STRONG 5 out of 5 stars.

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