other five : T – Me


What?: T- shirts & Hoodies
Who?: T – Me
Where?:  Paignton, England
Ships?: Worldwide
Website: http://t-me.myshopify.com/

I came across T – Me on Etsy and instantly fell in love with their simple and unique designs.

I asked the lovely James if anything could be sent my way and he kindly told me to choose some of their awesome items.img_1948

How could I choose? I had a very tough decision on my hands but ended up going with the Harry Potter themed hooded sweatshirt and a tee that said Nap Queen, because, well, that is me.

What I love about T – Me is that whenever you purchase from them, they plant a tree, using a hashtag #teefortrees. It’s a really wonderful idea that I can really get behind.

I wore my wonderfully snug hoodie when I went to a local bonfire this month and it kept me incredibly warm which was fantastic when you’re outside for hours.

The quality is fantastic and the decal designs have not peeled at all, even after multiple washes. I am impressed.

With lots of designs, including Game Of Thrones puns and Harry Potter simplistic designs, T – Me should be on your Christmas gift list or gift ideas list, and with tee’s as cheap as £8.99, they’re the perfect Secret Santa gift for anyone.


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