other eight : Ms Flow Subscription Box


What?: Monthly subscription box
Who?: Ms Flow
Includes?: Tampons, sanitary towels, a range of treats and goodies
Price?: £13.99 P/M
Website: http://www.msflow.co.uk/

I stumbled across Ms Flow online and was intrigued. It is a box that arrives each month on a chosen date to assist with your periods.

Inside the box, there are a number of fantastic items that both treat you and help you.

When you sign up to Ms Flow, you are asked to choose your preferences.img_2165

Is your period usually heavy, normal or light? When would you like to receive your parcel? Would you like tampons or sanitary towels? Which brand do you prefer? What is your absorbency preference?

Then, the good stuff.

Included in my box, as well as sanitary towels, I received a huge amount of treats too.

There was lipstick, a bath bomb, apple crisps, chocolate, cleansing and toning wipes, a handmade candle… the list goes on.

IMG_2164.JPGIf you have this box delivered close to your period, you will always have the things you need to make you feel better. Periods suck but you have to go through them no matter what so having this box and it’s monthly goodies and surprises that have been cleverly thought out by the company owners, will always leave you feeling brighter on the days you feel sluggish and annoyingly blue for no reason.

This would be a perfect gift for yourself, but also to young girls just getting their periods or friends that you know could do with a monthly pick-me-up.

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