book forty three : Face by PixiWoo

Book Title:
Author: Sam & Nic Chapman (PixiWoo)
Series: None
Genres: Non Fiction, Beauty
Publisher: BlinkPublishing
October 20th, 2016

I read this in book format.

I asked the lovely Ellis from Blink for a copy of the new book, Face, from the sister duo, PixiWoo, after being a huge fan of their brand, Real Techniques, for years.

Face is full of fantastic tips and tricks from Sam and Nic, easy enough for those who are new to make up and clever for those that are make up gurus.

Full of lovely, high quality images, the book is stunningly professional, which is exactly what you’d expect for Sam & Nic.

I really love that this book use a range of girls to show off the makeup looks on. From Sam & Nic themselves, to girls with different skin tones, you really get a look into how stunning make up can be when it is applied correctly.

What is also good is that Sam & Nic use their own brush brand, Real Techniques, throughout the book, which makes it easy for readers to achieve the make up looks!

This book is great for those that love make up already and those who simply have an interest in it.

It’s a truly wonderful and fascinating read!

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