other ten : Harry Potter Sorting Hat Bath Bombs


What?: Harry Potter Sorting Hat bath bombs
Who?: Scentd of Edinburgh
Where?: Edinburgh, Scotland
Ships to?: UK/USA
Price?: £4.50 each
Website: https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/273900754/sorting-hat-bath-bombs-harry-potter

I stumbled across Scentd’s Harry Potter themed bath bombs online and I was extremely intrigued. I asked the lovely David if I could try them out and he kindly accepted.

IMG_4972.JPGEach bath bomb created at Scentd is handmade and packaged into little organza bags, making this a lovely gift idea for the Harry Potter fans in your life, or simply as a nice treat for yourself.

The bath bomb is white on the exterior but when placed into the water, the Sorting Hat process begins and you sit and await which Hogwarts house you’ll be ‘placed’ into.

The water will turn one of the four house colours and a charm that represents the houses (a snake for Slytherin, lion for Gryffindor, eagle for Ravenclaw and badger for Hufflepuff) will be left in your now colourful bath water.IMG_4984.JPG

What I really loved about using these bath bombs is that even when holding the bath bomb in your hands, you have no hints as to what house you’ll be sorted into because the bomb itself is plain white.

To me, it’s true to the Harry Potter theme in that it’s like magic. Like a spell has been placed on this simple and plain bath bomb and when it hits water, the IMG_4973.JPGcolours explode out into the water as though you’ve used your wand to create them.

I was ‘sorted’ into Slytherin and Gryffindor with the bath bombs I received, sending my water green and red and leaving me to find a snake charm and lion charm in my bath water.

The smell of the bath bombs was evident as soon as I removed the plastic packaging. They smelt incredible. Strong, but not overpowering at all.

I can’t recommend these enough to you. For younger and older Harry Potter fans, they are a fantastic experience for all and at £4.50 each, you really can’t grumble. A wonderful price for such a brilliant product!

Scentd also have Star Wars themed bath bombs on sale too! I may need to give those a try…

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