blog tour fourteen : The Two O’Clock Boy by Mark Hill

IMG_2648.JPGBook Title: The Two O’Clock Boy
Author: Mark Hill
Series: DI Ray Drake #1
Genres: Fiction, Thriller, Crime
Publisher: Sphere
Released? : April 6th, 2017

I read this in book format.

I was sent a copy of The Two O’clock Boy in return for an honest review.

When I was asked to take part in the blog tour for this book by the lovely Ella, I was very quick to accept.

From the second I saw tweets about The Two O’clock Boy, I was intrigued. The story was hinted at with two simple sentences.

Two childhood friends.

One became a detective,

One became a killer. 

This book is dark and gritty with strong characters that will grab your attention. The thing I love about this story is that there are some blurred lines throughout. You never know what you’re getting and it is far from predictable.

The flashes between past and present are clever and clear, not once was I lost or confused which can quite easily happen.

When I tell you I was instantly grabbed by this book, I’m not being dramatic. The pages and the words pulled me in and held me there until I closed the very last page.

I don’t want to spoil it for you, but the ending was incredible. You’ll be stunned into silence and you’ll be stuck there for a few minutes at least.

I’m so excited to see that The Two O’clock Boy is the first in a series of DI Ray Drake books. I can’t wait to hear more of his tales.

Huge thank you to Ella for this advance copy, I can’t wait for more from Mark (and Ray!).

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