other eleven : Yuju Jewellery


What?: Personalised jewellery
Who?: Yuju
Where?: Mytholmroyd, England
Ships to?: UK/USA
Price?: Varies per item
Website: https://www.yujuuk.com/listing/238422765/

I was after another ring for my collection when I came across the work of Sue from Yuju and I fell in love. Her simple but stunning designs were right up my street and so I asked if I could feature her jewellery on my blog. She kindly said yes.13138924_10153869051548241_1458716032497491012_n

I chose a delicate heart design with the letter R stamped in the middle after my dog, Ruby (us strong, independent single girls don’t need no man, only puppies!)

The ring is sterling silver and stackable which I really liked since I am a fan of wearing rings everyday so I rarely take them off unless I’m showering.

It is the perfect size for my long but little fingers and the fact it was homemade makes it even more special.

Sue’s jewellery are all very well priced too for such beautiful items.

Each item can also be personalised so if you’re looking for a special gift for someone or even just a little treat for yourself then Yuju is the place to go.

I’d like to say a huge thank you to Sue for your kindness and my lovely ring!

2 thoughts on “other eleven : Yuju Jewellery

  1. Hi Sophie, I’m really pleased you love the ring. Wearing it in the shower won’t do it any harm and will keep it nice and sparkling. Love your blog and Instagram and refer to them ten when I’m in need of a good book. Best wishes, Sue 😘


  2. Hi Sophie, I’m really pleased you love the personalised ring. It won’t come to any harm by wearing it in the shower and will keep it sparkling . I love reading your blog and following on Instagram, especially when I’m in need of a new book. Keep up the good work
    Sue 😃X


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